With the coming of IGTV, Instagram becomes a TV for the mobile generation. Moreover, it takes on the YouTube which is video sharing-giant with the launch of IGTV. IGTV is the latest addition to the fast-growing social media network Instagram that has over 1 billion users. Instagram is owned by biggest social media platform Facebook that is always looking for new ways to expand their services, reach new users to make popular their app. Although, Instagram TV is relatively in its initial stage a lot of brand around the world is using this app to leverage the feature to their benefit. Here we will discuss why IGTV is a good idea for brand promotion.


IGTV is a new feature of the image-dedicated app, Instagram but it could be a great tool for brand promotion. If you are want to stand out from the crowd then it is a good idea for your brand marketing to buy real Instagram followers and start growth. You need to win big if you want to get ahead of the trends and roll with the major blows. But if this feature doesn’t work to your expectations- means you need to learn more by jumping on the bandwagon.

Why are brands paying attention?

Instagram is a rapidly-growing social platform and IGTV is its new feature that captures the attention of the brands to connect with their clients in a different and captivating way. Instagram gives the notification of your new video content to your users giving it primacy within the Instagram TV app. IGTV videos will be at the top of your user’s feed with a noticeable notification which is perfect for your brand awareness. This feature can be magical when it comes to promoting your brand. That ‘why the brand is paying attention to this brand new feature that allows posting the long-form video.

Famous Brands Who Are Killing the Instagram TV Game

A lot of the world’s famous brands are using this new feature and they are riding the waves.

National Geographic

National Geographic needs no introduction. They post their 45 minutes show named ‘One Strange Rock’ on IGTV. This show was about the wonders of earth and it is also on aired on Television. But National Geographic re-edited this show and covert it in vertical form. So their user could watch this show on IGTV. They got 360,000 views in one day and now at the top with 1.3 million views after one month of the post.


Netflix used the new feature of Instagram with the one-hour long runtime. They posted a 60-minute video of actor ‘Cole Sprouse’ who is eating a burger in this video. This video got 676,000 views with a 5K comment in no time.


Spotify is a famous music-streaming app that shared theirs behind the scenes stories of artists on IGTV. Spotify is using the vertical video formatting to give the personal and less produced feel to the videos that will help to get in touch with their viewers.


World’s leading sports brand Nike posted their video on Instagram TV in which they showed World Cup campaign featuring Juventus’s forward Cristiano Ronaldo. It was an animated video that has brought millions of views in the first 24 hours.