The travel book is also known as travel literature. In this book, travelers write their travel experiences. They visit various places for writing books. Several famous travel writers can be found in history. These writers have provided a huge amazing travel experience to people. They have discussed important aspects of travel destinations they have visited. They shared some joyful events they have experienced during traveling. They have discussed culture and different places of those travel destinations. Their work of traveling in the books is used for the purpose of guidance to beginners. People who want to write their travel books can use the experience of famous travel writers for their guidelines. Renowned travel writers have provided a base for travel writing.

Famous travel writers

Various travel writers are found when we take a look back in the history of traveling. These famous travel writers have shared their traveling experience in an amazing way. They have devoted their time to travel for their purpose of writing. Some of the famous travel writers include Ibn e Battuta, Ernest Hemingway, Bill Bryson and Paul Theroux. They have devoted most of the part of their life for traveling. They have traveled various Muslim and non-Muslim countries in the world.

Reasons for sharing their experiences

Several travel writers are found across the world. But there are some writers who have provided a huge material of their traveling experience. Such famous travel writers shared their important aspects of traveling which make them famous. Old people love to share their traveling experiences due to following reasons.

Develop learning basis for beginners

Old people share their traveling experience in the form of travel books. They discuss each and every important activity and thing which they have watched and experienced. This provides a base for people who want to write books related to traveling. In history, many travel writers have shared their traveling experiences in the form of writing books. Their work is using in the modern world for the purpose of learning and developing travel writers.

Save their traveling memories

Each old travel writer has provided unique aspects related to traveling. They have shared places, food, and culture. They met various people and analyzed their behaviors. Each travel writer perceives things differently. His way of sharing is also different which make his travel experience unique. When travelers go to different places, they experience a huge amount of learning and knowledge. They have to save their experience in a place where their work will not be lost. The travel book is a way to save memories and learning experience. Old travel writers have saved their experiences in the form of books. Some travelers had written themselves while some had appointed assistants to write books.

So, old travel writers share their experiences through writing travel books. They love to share important and interesting components of a travel destination. They write books for this purpose. There are several reasons behind writing books. They do it for the purpose of providing guidelines to beginners who want to write books. Also, they want to save their different traveling experiences in the form of books.