Are you a musician or a singer? And do you want to build a fan base, then I recommend you to open an account on Spotify? It is a great platform to showcase your original music and connect with listeners. Even Spotify lets the amateur artists can also showcase their music craft.

Simply creating an account does not give exposure, you need to take a fanatical approach. Here are some tips to increase your followers.

1. Link your Spotify profile to your blog:

If you have a blog or website then add the follow button of your Spotify profile on your blog. So, that your fans, followers will click the link and watch your music. Further, by doing so, your search engine ranking also will increase that helps you to find new people.

2. Show your interest in other people accounts:

Don’t always expect other people alone “comment your music” or

“like your music”. First, you do that for them. Make sure your comments are genuine and it is in the way to encourage them either directly or indirectly. It helps you to gain new fans.

3. Use more Spotify resources:

Spotify provides many useful resources to increase the views of your profile. For example, by posting updates, you allow your fans to know when you upload music, videos, content, etc. It gives additional profile views from your current base.

Start a conversation with others to discuss music. It pays attention to your profile and more people will visit your Spotify profile. Automatically the number of views and followers on your profile will increase.

4. Update playlists regularly:

Give the reason to your followers that why they follow in the first place. So, you should update your playlist with new tracks regularly to keep the listeners updated and give it a refreshing look. Plus, it is a good way to remain in the top position in your music genre.

5. Collaborate with other musicians:

If you know any artists or musicians in the same field, then ask them to work together. Once you finished the work; post the same in your Spotify page allow your partner to do the same. If fans of other musicians like your music, then many people will start to view your profile and you will become popular.

In case, if you are looking for increasing your followers on Spotify then you must think to buy Spotify followers.

6. Share your playlists:

Tell other people and your fans about your new playlist and invite them to listen to your new soundtracks. Perhaps, you won’t get an instant response from people but they more tend to accept your invitation. Consider sending the invitation again if you don’t get the response.

7. Share unique content: In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to share unique content. Come up with a good idea to create the buzz on Spotify. Do in-depth research when you share the soundtrack of others in a playlist. If you want to increase your following count in a short period of time then focus on creating the theme based playlist.