The social media marketing is increasing with each passing day and businesses are working hard on all platforms to make sure that they reach the relevant audience. Instagram is one of the most vital social media platforms and you need to have a strong presence on it if you are to dominate the market. For that, you need more and more followers and here is how you can get more followers for Instagram.

Posting time

First of all, you need to make sure that you are posting at the right time. For that, you got to know about your time zone and the time when you have most number of people active on the platform. Usually, the Instagram users are logging into their accounts in morning to check out the missed notifications and they generally come back in the evening as they are leaving for home from work and are in subways. According to the analytics, the best time to publish a post on Instagram is between 5 pm and 6 pm and to get higher results one must post at this time on Wednesdays.

Moreover, the least favorable time for posting, particularly for businesses and brads, is the middle of the night because a post is mostly up and alive on the feed for 4 hours before it is buried.

Right hashtags

If you are to get most from your posts, you need to gather information about the hashtags. A post on Instagram is nothing without appropriate hashtag. But that does not mean that you should pick up all the tags in the market that are popular and start posting with these hashtags in your description.

Do a deep research according to your niche and gather certain tags that are relevant to your posts and have good fan following on the social platform. Don’t flood your posts with the tags and it is better to stick with about 1 to 3 hashtags per photo.

Ask questions in captions

Next thing you should do is asking questions in the captions. When you are posting a photo, make sure that it is interesting and engaging. And to top it all, include a question in the caption. This helps you a lot because as people come across the question, if your photo grabs their attention, they would like to answer it. In this attempt, these individuals will engage with your photos.

Profiles with higher engagement rate and popular pictures tend to get more value from Instagram bots and appear better in feeds and results. It also means that you are receiving more likes and comments for your content.

Final words

So, these are the three things we recommend you to consider when you attempt to buy Instagram followers cheap. Another good way is to take the services and buy some Instagram followers because it will attract more and more people towards your profile as they see that you already have a decent follower count. Moreover, it also increases the authority of your profile