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Marketing Basics

To achieve greater levels of success in business, we all must meet and test our current boundaries.


Like in life in general, we all must overcome weaknesses and work to better ourselves in marketing.

The Importance of Bettering Ourselves

Taking those frightening steps out of our comfort zone is something we all must Fearless social media picdo every now and again. It all starts with adapting that story/attitude in our head: mindset. For some, reaching out to people in order to find new clients is the most difficult step. Simply talking to a potential client can prove nerve-wracking, especially if your business, brand, or reputation is on the line. For others, it’s taking the leap of faith in themselves that they have chosen the correct method of promoting their business. However, one way or another, if you ever mean to realize that vision of success in their head, they must confront those fears and push forth. The good news is those fears begin to subside every step you take a step out of that comfort zone.

Some Good Marketing Steps to Take

1. In order to improve your business, you must utilize effective marketing. This can be achieved by simply establishing your presence on social media. In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly common (expected even) for businesses to have some sort of social media presence. Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest allow a company (especially a new one) to secure a viable foothold in their industry. Also, all their basic memberships are free and each takes only a few minutes to set up. And if you’re new to social media, there are countless tutorial video available online to give you a head start—or you can ask the nearest teenager.


2. If you are wanting to establish a more professional hold on your industry, consider creating a few citation pages. Networks like LinkedIn, Yelp, and Google My Business help a company to expand their brand into a more professional and business-oriented environment. You may even gain leads on the way without having to contact the customer first. Also, as with social media, most of the basic services for these networks are free, and you can keep in touch with customers with a click of a button.

3. No matter which combination of marketing techniques you decide to employ, it’s important to lay a strong foundation by creating a good website. A clean, powerful, and converting company website is sort of like your online store—and for many, it actually is. You want your customer to feel at home there, comfortable, and have a good sense of where to find everything. This is where web design comes in. For a small, one-time fee, you can usually find a good web designer who will consult with you on what your company is about and then work up a beautiful site in just a few days. A good-looking company site is a potent piece of marketing all on its own. Plus, it’ll inject some pride in your brand, helping to further defeat fear.

4. After your website is up and running, you may want to look into SEO. SEO or Marketing picSearch Engine Optimization is the process of configuring your website in a way that makes it easy for searches engines (like Google) to understand what your site is all about. The easier you make this process for search engines, the better your business will rank for the keywords that will attract your customers online. Most cities in North Carolina have online marketing companies that can help with this. As an example, if you live in Raleigh NC, you can find a company like and be on your way to bringing in online traffic. This is a great way to strengthen your marketing portfolio without having to be directly in front of customers.

5. A business can also work with online ads. There are many services around the web which will put your business in front of customers in exchange for a small fee. Smaller companies can work together to feature each other on their respective sites in order to increase visibility. Or you could use a more powerful (usually more expensive) solution such as Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. Essentially, a business like yours would set a monthly budget (ranging from a few dollars to several thousand) and construct a small feature to be displayed in various places within their networks. Facebook Ads allows you to target warmer (more inclined to buy) customers by niche and interest. Google ads are similar. Or you could use video ads by using a network like Youtube. Like some of the other techniques, this one will work for you behind-the-scenes and you won’t have to be live in front of your customers.

What Are You Waiting For? Get Started. Get Out There

Now, all that is left to do is pick a few to get started. Ideally, you will employ all of these methods over time and strengthen your business. Remember, even if you have to take baby steps, pushing forth and getting out of your comfort zone with marketing will only make you a stronger business owner from here on.

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